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1. Remove all bedding and linens from all mattresses and box springs and place in garbage bags. If mattresses and box springs are heavily infested then discard ASAP. If not then place upright against wall. Remove all items from under bed and inspect for bed bugs. Remember, when in doubt throw it out.

2. Disassemble the bed. Empty all night stands, drawers, closets and place clothing in garbage bags.

3. All clothing and linens from the bags should be washed in hot water then placed in dryer. Throw away old bags, bedbugs or eggs may still be in those bags. Place washed clothing in new bags and seal tightly as to not let any bugs in. Place these bags in a "safe zone" such as kitchen or garage so that it does not impede the treatment process by being an obstruction. 

4. Take down all pictures and frames from walls and vacuum the back. Place these items in one area so that we may treat them.

5. Pull away all furniture from walls so that we have access to treat behind them.

6. Empty all book shelves and any items on top of furniture. These items can be wiped down with rubbing alcohol.

7. All sofas and chairs in living room will also be treated so pull away all items from wall in living room.

8. Vacuum the entire home prior to our service then empty vacuum and discard bag.

9. All occupants and pets must remain out of treatment area for 4 to 6 hours. If you have asthma or any other breathing problems, are pregnant, or have an infant 6 months or younger you must leave for 24 hours. 

10. All mattresses and box springs should be covered using a bedbug proof mattress cover and box spring cover. These can be purchased from us for an additional cost-please let us know at time of scheduling service. Please remember that our service includes a follow up treatment in 7 to 10 days this checklist should be followed for the follow up service as well. Prestige Pest Management LLC uses products labeled for bed bug use and follow all federal state and local laws.

Bed bug preparation guidelines